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We are Ecal Elite Corporation the next stage of today’s original corporation, We are consumed with the philosophy that only a community where shared ideas and support can there be progress. This formation represents the best option to develop our infrastructure thru interaction and communication.

Ecalelite.com represents the community where shared knowledge will impact our world thru the Ecal Elite Corporation, both created to represent our virtual community and functions as the entities that provides capitol to embark on our goals. One supporting the other, creating a link that allows all involved to be a part of the functionality.

The function of Ecal Elite Corporation and Ecalelite.com is to use the knowledge and support of its members to introduce opportunities in the form of successful business, creating jobs and employing the unemployed.

Our first venture is the introduction of our monthly newsletter where members can show full support by subscribing, therefore adding to the initiative and creating opportunity.



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