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We are EcalElite, a community built on support to energize our financial and social structure. At EcalElite we believe that our determination and drive will make a difference in today's society. Our goal is to educate, create jobs and to unify all who believe in progress, to make viewable progress using modern day techniques. We focus on unemployment and use the support of our members to create jobs. Once registered here you become a becon of this upcoming community and you have raised your voices for job creation. Using everyday activities such as e-mailing, Instant Messaging, watching and uploading videos etc. We use those simple actions and translate them into creating jobs... using the internet's powerful platform and focus our community on job creation.

EcalElite's vision to be a vessel of contribution requires men and women from all cultures to embrace the fight against unemployment and many other social issues we face together. To support our issues we've put together a formula that by far creates momentum to rectify the problems we face, by signing up for a free profile you've made your voice heard and your presence felt. Our monthly newsletter is the second phase of  support to grow capitol to engage in economic up-turn by creating jobs. The unemployed represents millions of people in the United States alone, we pull support from that representation as well as others and focus the powerful strength on the issues of unemployment.                                                       

With numbers we achieve strength and with strength we can accomplish whatever we intend. Our intent is to create jobs for our unemployed and to re-employ our under employed, drawing on support from internet users like you. The issues we face today are burdens to us all, even individuals with careers are affected by the problems that unemployment brings. The numbers aren't lying,  and (believe me) that has a negative trickle effect.

 We intend to lead the way and provide help where there is no relief. We are the Ecal Elite Corporation.


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