EcalElite Newsletter  

With the first step in place we’re determined to proceed as planned, our numbers are growing for the support stage of this endeavor. This stage is where you have the opportunity to show full support to our cause. Our first project is the release of our monthly newsletter with subscription to grow capitol. Subscribing to our newsletter show full support for the movement to create jobs, end hunger, reduce social crimes and to educate ourselve. With the subscription we attack issues with one voice. The subscription being a $1 single dollar plus tax per month, allows all to participate with equality and affordablility taken into consideration. Our government is facing some troubling times, our efforts will help ease problems and contribute directly to getting money back to the government and to the people. In turn the government can provide it's services that makes it great. (working people pay taxes and spend money-leading to good services from the government, as opposed to being unemployed and collecting unemployment checks-causing government to spend on unemployment leading to cuts and many other reduced services)Serious Economics.

The contents of our newsletter will be the information on unemployment and our progress towards eradicating the problem, issues that unemployment causes will also be covered along with solutions to those issues. The responsibility of our actions are to our subscribers, who will be informed of any action Ecal Elite Corp takes via the newsletter. Also testimonials will be posted on the website for all to view. Subscribers will be given first priorty to be employed on any venture that EcalElite posts(permitting experience)secondary priorities go out to members of the community. With this act we become the first to turn employment into a job of creating jobs. The blueprint to a better tomorrow is now determined by our powerful voices and mines staying the course.


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